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Taking a stroll through Rosedale through its winding roads filled with stately, broad trees that create a wealth of green space coupled with leafy avenues filled with heritage-listed redbrick mansions with manicured front lawns, it is no wonder Rosedale is such a sought-after neighbourhood.

This coveted community is steeped in history and tradition from its architecture of the homes to the homeowners themselves. Rosedale has held the distinction of Toronto’s wealthiest neighbourhood since the late 1800s. Being close to everything and having large lots lined with large trees and ravines, it is the only neighbourhood within city limits where you can find a sprawling mansion on a large plot of land where no noise from the city can be heard. Some call it an oasis within the city.

The boundaries of Rosedale consist of the CPR railway tracks to the North, Yonge Street to the west, Aylmer Avenue and Rosedale Valley Road to the South, and Bayview Avenue to the East. The neighbourhood is divided into a North and South portion by the Park Drive Ravine.

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